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Sterling Silver Celtic Bracelets

Sterling Silver Celtic Circle Bracelet
Celtic Circle Bracelet

7 1/2" long sterling silver bracelet featuring eleven circular Celtic knot charms linked together.  Finished with a lobster claw clasp.

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Bracelet
Celtic Knot Bracelet

7 3/4" long Celtic bracelet made up of eight sterling silver Celtic knot charms.

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Sterling Silver Celtic Triskele Bracelet
Celtic Triskele Bracelet

7 3/4" long Celtic bracelet featuring thirteen sterling silver triskele charms.  A triskele is a three cornered Celtic knot.

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Celtic Bracelet with Claddagh and Triskele Knots
Claddagh and Triskele Bracelet

Sterling silver cuff style Celtic bracelet with two triskele knots and a central claddagh.

Sterling Silver Claddagh Bracelet
Claddagh Bracelet

7.5" long sterling silver Celtic bracelet made up of ten claddagh symbols linked together.

Harry Dresden's© Shield Bracelet with Silver Charms
Harry Dresden's© Shield Bracelet

Special Priced - The original and most iconic version of Harry Dresden's © protective bracelet from The Dresden Files ©.  Harry's Shield Bracelet forms a metaphysical barrier, deflecting kinetic attacks such as bullets and blows.  The officially licensed bracelet is available with sterling silver or white finished bronze Medieval shield charms.

$97.00 - $195.00