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Custom Vintish Court Ring™

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$92.00 - $1,421.00
On Sale: Through August 31st
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Inspired from the pages of Wise Man's Fear ™ by Patrick Rothfuss, the Badali Jewelry artist have created the custom Vintish Court Rings™.  Each ring is skillfully crafted to your exact specification in your choice of sterling silver, 10k yellow or white gold, or 14k yellow or white gold.  The comfort fit style rings are custom engraved in your choice of five fonts: Bredon™, Veston™, Stapes™, Calanthis™, or Lackless™.  The fonts were inspired by Houses or characters from the books.  Bredon is the noble that befriends Kvothe ™ after his arrival in the Vintish court.  Stapes is the devoted manservant to the Maer ™.  Veston, Calanthis, and Lackless are noble Houses of Vintas ™ - Lackless being the oldest, most respected, and the House of the wife of the Maer.

The rings are carefully hand finished and individually inspected for the highest quality by our staff.  The Vintish court name rings are officially licensed Kingkiller Chronicle jewelry through Patrick Rothfuss.  Mr. Rothfuss actively participates in the design process for each piece of jewelry for this licensed line.

The name rings are used in the court of the Maer of Vintas as calling cards as well as a physical representation of social rankings within the court.  The three most common metals used for the name rings are gold, silver and iron.  Each metal denotes a specific statement to the recipient's status.  A gold ring is sent to someone of a higher rank, a sign of respect.  A silver ring is sent to someone of equal or undetermined status.  An iron ring is sent to someone considered below the status of the sender.  Each time a ring is sent it gives a subtle nod or a slight to the receiver.  Name rings are often displayed prominently to show visitors and callers who in the court are considered your equals and the favor you have been show by those of higher status.

The Vintish court rings are available in US sizes 4 to 20, in whole and half sizes.  Sizes 13 1/2 (13.5) to 20 are an additional $15.00 in sterling silver or an additional $45.00 in gold.  If you would like a quarter size, please order the closest ring size and include the quarter size you want in the special instructions area during check out.  Your ring size will determine the number of letters each ring can hold.  The chart below indicates how many characters (letters and spaces) can fit on each ring size.  Please make sure your name or words will fit on your ring size before ordering.

Traditionally, the Vintish Court name rings feature either a first name or last name, not both.  Please enter your name or word(s) as you would like it to appear on your ring.  For example: FRANK - would appear in all caps using the font of your choice; Frank - would appear with a capital F and the remainder of the name in lower case letters in the font of your choice; frank - the name would appear in all lower case letters in the font of your choice.  Note: Veston and Calanthis are capitalized fonts, lower case letters are not available for them.  To view the fonts use the links above.

Your name or word(s) will be centered to the front of the ring, leaving any blank space at the back of the band.  It is not possible to evenly space the letters around the entire band with this customized ring.  Please note that the Calanthis font has a lower maximum number of letters and spaces than the other fonts.

  Size 5 Size 6 Size 7 Size 8 Size 9 Size 10 Size 11 Size 12 Size 13
Other Fonts 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Calanthis Font 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

The comfort fit band measures approximately 7 mm (just over 1/4") wide and 2.5 mm (1/8") thick.  The Vintish rings weigh approximately 7.3 grams in sterling silver, approximately 8 grams in 10k gold, and approximately 9.2 grams in 14k gold.  Weight will vary with size.  The inside of the band is stamped with our copyright hallmark and the metal content - STER (sterling), 10k, or 14K, ensuring our jewelry is made of the finest metals.

Your custom Vinitish Court Ring is available with a black antiquing finish as pictured.  The rings are also available with a plain silver or plain gold finish - just the metal, no treatment.

Custom jewelry is non-returnable/non-refundable.  We reserve the right to refuse any order that is considered offensive, derogatory, or is a copyright infringement.  By request of the author, no rings will be made with the name Rothfuss for anyone but himself.

We are a cast-to-order company and cast every Tuesday and Thursday.  Please allow 7 to 10 days for the creation of this custom item.  Orders placed before 3pm MST Monday or Wednesday will be included in the following day's cast.  Feel free to contact us for the anticipated production time for your Kingkiller Chronicle Jewelry.

This item comes packaged in a ring box with a card of authenticity.



"Kingkiller Chronicle", "Name of the Wind", "Wise Man's Fear", "Kvothe", "Vintas", "Vintish Court Ring", "Bredon", "Veston", "Stapes", "Calanthis", or Lacklessand "Maer", are trademarks of Patrick Rothfuss c/o Sanford J. Greenburger Associates.  All Rights Reserved.

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