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> Lantern City™

Officially licensed jewelry from the Lantern City™ transmedia universe created by Trevor Crafts, Matthew J. Daley, and Bruce Boxleitner.  The Lantern city universe is comprised of comic books, graphic novels, and an upcoming television series that blends action, romance, unique sci-fi, and political upheaval.

Grey Empire Symbol Necklace with Antiqued Finish
Grey Empire of Lantern City™ Necklace

This sterling silver pendant features the symbol of the Grey Empire™ worn by the members of the Lantern City Guard in the multimedia Lantern City™ Universe.  The Guard is the well trained military branch of the Grey Empire that ensure order is maintained within the walls of the city as well as patrolling the wall surrounding the city and the fields outside it.  The Lantern City pendant is officially licensed with Macrocosm Entertainment.

$65.00 - $90.00
Elite Guard Necklace with Antiqued Finish
Six Elite™ Lantern City Guard Necklace

The Elite Guard are the best of the Lantern City™ Guards.  Their symbol sets them apart as elite and strikes fear in the heart of Lantern City citizens.  The symbol is made up of the sigil of the Grey Empire™ surrounded by the symbol of The Six, the hexagon shaped facility where the guards train and live.  The officially licensed Lantern City pendant is cast in solid sterling silver.

$59.00 - $84.00
The Religious Symbol Necklace with Antiqued Finish
The Religious Symbol of Wareis & Urston™ Necklace

This sterling silver pendant features the symbol for the God Wareis™ and the Goddess Urston™ from the Lantern City™ Universe created by Trevor Crafts, Matthew J Daley, and Bruce Boxleitner.  The pendant symbolizes the opposite natures of the two deities that create balance in the world - darkness and light, war and peace, hatred and love.  The Lantern City necklace is officially licensed with Macrocosm Entertainment.

$59.00 - $84.00


"Lantern City", and characters, places, objects and phrases associated with are trademarks of Macrocosm Entertainment, Inc. under license to Badali Jewelry.  All Rights Reserved.