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Officially Licensed Bracelets From The Mistborn™ Novels by Brandon Sanderson

Steel Alphabet Charm Bracelet, 4 Charms Physical Metals
Steel Alphabet™ Charm Bracelet, 4 Charms

Special Priced - Sterling silver Charm Bracelet featuring the Allomantic™ metals symbol from Mistborn™.  Choose from the four Physical Metals, the four Mental Metals, the four Temporal Metals, or the four Enhancement Metals.

$89.00 - $95.00
Steel Alphabet Charm Bracelet, 16 Charms
Steel Alphabet™ Charm Bracelets, 16 Charms

Sterling silver Charm Bracelet featuring all sixteen of the Allomantic™ metal symbols from the Mistborn™ novels.  The Steel Alphabet™ Charm Bracelet is officially licensed with Brandon Sanderson.

$289.00 - $295.00
Steel Alphabet Charm Bracelet, 8 Charms Higher Metals
Steel Alphabet™ Charm Bracelets, 8 Charms

Sterling silver Charm Bracelet featuring the Steel Alphabet™ symbol from Mistborn™.  Choose from the Eight Basic Allomantic™ Metals or the Eight Higher Allomantic Metals.


$159.00 - $165.00



Badali Jewelry Specialties, Inc. designs are based on the Mistborn novels by Brandon Sanderson.  Mistborn, The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages Copyright © 2006, 2007, 2008 Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC and used by permission of Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC,  "Steel Alphabet" designs based on original character designs by Isaac stewart.  "Mistborn", and "Steel Alphabet", are trademarks of Dragonsteel Entertainment. c/o JABberwocky Literary Agency.  All Rights Reserved.