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Kvothe Court Name Rings™ Set

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Badali Jewelry Special Price $75.00 (Regularly $110.00)

Inspired from the pages of Wise Man's Fear™ by Patrick Rothfuss, the Kvothe™ Court Name Rings™ are skillfully crafted in solid iron, silver plated bronze and 24k gold plated bronze.  Each ring is carefully hand finished and individually inspected for the highest quality by the Badali Jewelry artists.  The Vintish™ Court name rings are officially licensed Kingkiller Chronicle replicas through Patrick Rothfuss.  Mr. Rothfuss actively participates in the design process for each piece of jewelry for this licensed line.

The name rings are used in the court of the Maer of Vintas™ as calling cards as well as a physical representation of social rankings in the court.  The three most common metals used for the name rings are gold, silver and iron.  Each metal denotes a specific statement to the recipient's status.  A gold ring is sent to those of a higher rank, silver to those of equal or undetermined status and iron to those of who are below the sender.  Each time a ring is sent it gives a subtle nod or a slight to the receiver.  Name rings are often displayed prominently to show visitors and callers who in the court are your equals and the favor you have been show by those of higher status.

The set includes one Iron, one Silver plated bronze and one 24k Gold plated bronze ring.  Each Court Name Ring is engraved with Kvothe's name.  Each ring measures approximately 6.5 mm (1/4") wide and 2.5 mm (1/8") thick.  The Kvothe Name Rings weigh approximately 6 grams in iron, 6.5 grams in gold plated bronze and 6.7 grams in silver plated bronze.  The court rings are available in One Size Only (approximately size 11).  They are not sizable and are intended for display only.  Wearing the rings will quickly wear away the gold or silver plating and will likely turn your finger green.

Note: Prolonged exposure to water or moisture will cause iron to rust.  Rust can be removed from your iron wheel pendant by rubbing it with cloth dipped in any form of vegetable oil.

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This item comes in a black drawstring pouch with a card of authenticity.



"Kingkiller Chronicle", "Name of the Wind", "Wise Man's Fear", "Kvothe", "Vintas", and "Maer", are trademarks of Patrick Rothfuss c/o Sanford J. Greenburger Associates.  All Rights Reserved.

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