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> The City Stained Red™

Officially licened jewelry from Sam Sykes' The City Stained Red series in silver, gold and bronze.

Tags of the Jackal in Yellow Bronze
Jackal Medallion

Special Priced - The medallion features the symbol of the Jackal faction, a group of assassins and thieves that rule the underbelly of Cier’Djaal™ in the fantasy series, The City Stained Red™ by Sam Sykes.

$29.00 - $54.00
Shict Symbol in Antiqued Bronze
Shict™ Medallion

Special Priced - The Shict™ are predatory race that walk on two legs like people from Sam Sykes The City Stained Red™ series.  The medallion features the symbol this strong, powerful, and proud faction.  The officially licensed pendant is cast in solid bronze and is available in a variety of finishes.

$29.00 - $54.00
Talanas Phoenix Pendant from Sam Sykes Bring Down Heaven series
Talanas™ Phoenix

Special Priced - This phoenix is a symbol of the deity Talanas The Healer™ which is worn as a pendant by his followers in the Bring Down Heaven™ series by Sam Sykes.  Talanas watches over the sick, the wounded, and the dying.  His followers strive to preserve life wherever they find it.  The Talanas Phoenix is officially licensed The City Stained Red™ jewelry with the author.

$29.00 - $54.00


"The City Stained Red”, and the characters and places therein, are trademarks of Sam Sykes under license to Badali Jewelry.  All Rights Reserved.