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The Winter Knight's© Ice Opal Earring

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$29.00 - $59.00

Inspired from the pages of The Dresden Files © by Jim Butcher, the Badali Jewelry artist have created the Winter Knight's Ice Opal Earring.  Skillfully crafted in sterling silver and set with a man made ice blue opal gemstone.  Each Ice Opal Stud is carefully hand finished and individually inspected for the highest quality by the Badali Jewelry artists.  Harry's Ice Opal Earring is an officially licensed Dresden Files replica through Jim Butcher.

In Skin Game ©, Harry Dresden © is suffering from crippling headaches due to a "parasite" residing in his mind.  The only relief Harry is able to find is by staying put on Deamonreach ©, an island on Lake Michigan long associated with the supernatural.  Mab, the Faerie Queen of the Winter Court, comes to Harry on Deamonreach to set him to a task.  She presents him with a gift that will temporarily relieve his headaches, thus allowing him to leave the island.

"There was a small stone in her palm, a deep blue opal.  I leaned a little closer, eyeing it.  It was set on a silver stud - an earring".©

The Winter Knight's Ice Opal Earring is available in your choice of two sizes.  The larger 8 mm stone earring measures 8.5 mm (just over 5/16") in diameter and weighs approximately .5 grams each.  The smaller 6 mm stone earring measures 6.5 mm (1/4") in diameter and weighs approximately .3 grams each.  The Ice Opal Earring is available as a single stud or as a pair of earrings.  The earrings are made of sterling silver and include hypoallergenic stainless steel earring backs.

We are a cast-to-order company and cast every Tuesday and Thursday.  Please allow 5 to 7 days from the next casting date for production of this item.  Orders placed before 3pm MST Monday or Wednesday will be included in the following day's cast.  Feel free to contact us for the anticipated production time for your Dresden Files Jewelry.

This item comes packaged in a jewelry box with a card of authenticity.



"The Dresden Files", and the characters and places therein are copyrights of Jim Butcher, Imaginary Empire LLC, c/o Donald Maass Literary Agency.  All Rights Reserved.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Juli G, 05/02/2016

These are absolutely beautiful. The opal is fiery and cool, and just what Butcher's description warrants.