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Officially Licensed Earrings From The Novels by Robert Jordan

Sterling Silver Flame of Tar Valon Earrings Yellow
Flame of Tar Valon™ Earrings

On Sale - Flame of Tar Valon™ Earrings enameled in the colors of the Ajah™.  Officially licensed Wheel of Time ® jewelry available in sterling silver, 14k gold and 14k white gold.

$43.00 - $687.00
Sterling Silver Great Serpent Earring - Single
Great Serpent™ Earring - Single

On Sale - Single hoop style Great Serpent™ Earring is of a snake biting its own tail.  Officially licensed Wheel of Time ® jewelry.

$24.00 - $509.00
Sterling Silver Great Serpent Earrings - Pair
Great Serpent™ Earrings - Pair

On Sale - Hoop style Great Serpent™ Earrings available in sterling silver and 14k gold.  The snake biting its tail earrings are officially licensed Wheel of Time ® jewelry.

$46.00 - $1,019.00
Sterling Silver Mat Cauthon's Signet Earrings
Mat Cauthon's™ Signet Earrings

On Sale - Mat Cauthon's™ Signet Earrings, an earring version of Mat's Ring.  Officially Licensed Wheel of Time ® Jewelry.

$47.00 - $1,291.00



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