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The Elven Realms Necklace from our licensed The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Jewelry lines

Elven Realms Necklace


The Elven Realms Necklace features nine leaves from the trees of Lothlorien™ and nine stones representing one of the Elven strongholds of Middle-earth™ - blue for Rivendell™, green fro Mirkwood™, or white for Lothlorien.

Comere Bangle Bracelet and Comere Pendant, symbol for the universe from Brandon Sanderson's fictional worlds

Cosmere™ Bangle Bracelet & Pendant

$29.00 - $94.00

Officially licensed Cosmere™ jewelry featuring the symbol for the universe of Brandon Sanderson's fictional worlds. The Comere charm is available as an expandable bracelet or as a necklace.

Lightweaver Glyph Pendant and Lapel Pin from Brandon Sanderson's The Stormlight Archive series

Bridge Four Badge™ Earrings

$59.00 - $69.00

Dangle style sterling silver earrings of the Bridge Four Badge Medallion worn by members of the Honor Guard lead by Kaladin™ in The Stormlight Archive™ series.

The Ward Circle Pendant from Peter V. Brett's The Demon Cycle series

Ward Circle™ Pendant

$35.00 - $124.00

The Ward Circle™ pendant combines the defensive powers of the Flame, Rock, Water, Lightning, Cutting, Mind, Snow, Succor, Impact, Pressure, Mimic, Prophecy, Bank, Clay, Sand, Swamp, Wind and Wood Wards.

Popular Items

Gollum One Ring™ Necklace - 24k Gold Plated Bronze

Gollum The One Ring™ Necklace


Officially licensed 24k gold plated bronze The One Ring™ of Power from The Hobbit™ and The Lord of the Rings™ by JRR Tolkien.

Aes Sedai Great Serpent Ring

Aes Sedai™ Great Serpent Ring™

$45.00 - $1,135.00

Officially licensed snake eating its tail ring worn by the Aes Sedai™ in the Wheel of Time® series by Robert Jordan.

Harry Dresden's Pentacle Necklace from Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files

Harry Dresden's© Pentacle Necklace

$39.00 - $107.00

Officially licensed pentacle necklace from the Dresden Files's© by Jim Butcher.

Denna's Ring™ from Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle™ series

Auri's Brazen Gear™


Officially licensed Brazen Gear™ replica from Patrick Rothfuss' The Slow Regard of Silent Things™.

On Sale

Sideshow Collectible's Court of the Dead Jewelry on Sale for Christmas

Court of the Dead™ Jewelry

$36.00 - $2,051.00

Officially licensed The Court of the Dead jewelry on sale this week. New jewelry lines on sale each week leading up to Christmas.

Brian Pulido's Lady Death Jewelry on Sale for Christmas

Lady Death™ Jewelry

$39.00 - $55.00

Officially licensed Lady Death jewelry on sale this week. New jewelry lines on sale each week through Christmas.

Cthulhu jewelry line on sale this week.

Cthulhu Jewelry

$23.00 - $2,339.00

All of our Cthulhu jewelry based on the writing of HP Lovecraft on sale through Dec. 15th. New jewelry lines on sale each week through Christmas.

Miskatonic University jewelry on sale for the Holidays.

Miskatonic University Jewelry

$23.00 - $2,339.00

All of our Miskatonic University jewelry on sale this week. New jewelry lines on sale each week through Christmas.