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Sterling Silver Heart Bracelets

Sterling Silver Build Your Own Vampire Bracelet with 5 Charms
Build Your Own Charm Bracelet

On Sale - 7" or 8" sterling silver customizable vampire themed charm bracelet.  The bracelet can hold one to seven charms including bats, wolves, lions, spiders, moon and stars and Swarovski crystal hearts.

$28.00 - $265.00
Sterling Silver Claddagh Bracelet
Claddagh Bracelet

7.5" long sterling silver Celtic bracelet made up of ten claddagh symbols linked together.

Sterling Silver Lion, Lamb & Heart Charm Bracelet
Lion, Lamb & Heart Charm Bracelet

The sterling silver bracelet is available in 7" and 8" lengths and includes a three dimensional lion charm, lamb charm, and a Swarovski crystal heart charm in your choice four colors.

$96.00 - $100.00
Sterling Silver Vampire Charm Bracelet
Vampire Charm Bracelet

On Sale - Sterling silver Vampire Bracelet featuring a bat charm, gothic castle charm and a Swarovski Crystal Heart in your choice of four colors.

$62.00 - $65.00