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Adran Flag Pin in Sterling Silver
Adran Flag™ Pin

The pin features the Adran Flag™, a symbol of the mighty Adsea™ nestled beneath the mountains of Adro™ in the Powder Mage™ series by Brian McClellan.  The symbol is worn by soldiers, Power Mages, and Privileged while abroad to remind them of their homeland.  The Adran Flag lapel pin is officially licensed and is cast in sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Ancient Aes Sedai Symbol Pin
Ancient Aes Sedai™ Symbol Pin

The Ancient Aes Sedai Symbol represents the male and female halves of the One Power™, Saidin™ and Saidar™.  The pin is officially licensed Wheel of Time ® jewelry.

Sterling Silver Ashaman Dragon Pin
Asha'man Dragon Pin™

Special Priced - The Asha'man Dragon Pin™, officially licensed Wheel of Time ® replica worn by Rand al'Thor™.  Available in sterling silver, 10k gold and 14k gold.

$49.00 - $1,254.00
Asha'man Dragon Pin in 24k Gold Plated Bronze
Asha'man Dragon Pin™, 24k Gold Plated Bronze

The Asha'man Dragon Pin™ worn by Rand al'Thor™ in 24k gold plated bronze.  Officially licensed Wheel of Time ® replica.

$35.00 - $40.00
Auri's Brazen Gear Pin from Patrick Rothfuss' The Slow Regard of Silent Things
Auri's Brazen Gear™ Pin

A lapel style pin of Auri's Brazen Gear™ from Patrick Rothfuss' The Slow Regard of Silent Things™.  The gear pin is cast in tarnish resistant brass and is officially licensed Kingkiller Chronicle™ jewelry.

Sterling Silver Hobbit Hole™ Door Pin
Bag End™ Door Pin

A Hobbit hole door pin featuring the bindrune made by Gandalf ® bindrune and finished with a rich green enamel.  The Hobbit ® pin is available in a lapel pin (hat tack) style or a tie tack style in your choice of sterling silver, 14k yellow, white, rose, or palladium white (nickel free) gold.

$60.00 - $1,319.00
Sword Pin of the Dedicated in Sterling Silver
Dedicated Sword Pin™

Special Priced - The Dedicated™ Sword Pin, given to the male channelers of the Black Tower™ who have reached the level of Dedicated.

Sterling Silver Eagle Hat Tack
Eagle Hat Tack / Lapel Pin

Eagle Hat Tack from our Animal Jewelry line featuring eagles. 

$38.00 - $680.00
Sterling Silver Eagle Hat Tack Amethst
Eagle Pin with Gemstone

Eagle Hat Tack from our Animal Jewelry featuring Eagles.  The eagle clutches a gemstone.

$46.00 - $717.00
Sterling Silver Elessar Brooch with Green Cubic Zirconia
Elessar™ The Elfstone

Special Priced - Elessar™, also known as as the Stone of Eärendil™, is the silver eagle brooch given to Aragorn™ by Galadriel™ in the Lord of the Rings™ trilogy.  Elessar is officially licensed Lord of the Rings jewelry and is available as a brooch or a necklace in sterling silver or white finished bronze.

$99.00 - $264.00
Elven Leaf Brooch
Elven Leaf Brooch

Sterling silver European Beech leaf brooch hand finihsed with rich green enamel.

Sterling Silver Eolian Talent Pipes Pin, Brooch Style
Eolian Talent Pipes™ Pin, Brooch Style

Officially licensed Brooch Style Eolian Talent Pipes Pin™ from The Kingkiller Chronicle™ by Patrick Rothfuss.  The pin is available in sterling silver or 14k white gold.

$46.00 - $919.00
Sterling Silver Eolian Talent Pipes Pin, Lapel Pin Style
Eolian Talent Pipes™ Pin, Lapel Pin Style

The Talent Pipe Pin is awarded to talented musicians by the owners of the Eolian™.  These officially licensed pins are a hat tack / lapel pin style and are available in sterling silver or 14k white gold.

$44.00 - $919.00
Sterling Silver Fairy Brooch
Fairy Brooch

Art nouveau style fairy brooch handcrafted in sterling silver.

Gold Society Brooches
Gold Society Pin

Officially licensed Gold Society pin from Pierce Brown's Red Rising™ science fiction series.  The symbol for the leaders of society is available in yellow brass or antiqued bronze.

Antiqued Lantern City Guard Pin
Grey Empire of Lantern City™ Pin

Special Priced - Sterling silver pin featuring the symbol of the Grey Empire™ worn by the members of the Lantern City Guard in the Lantern City™ series.  The officially licensed pins are crafted in sterling silver.

Jeseh Pin with Sapphire Enamel
Jeseh™ Glyph Pin

The Jeseh™ glyph pin is cast in sterling silver and available with a black antiquing or blue enamel finish.  The Windrunner™ glyph is a symbol of protection, leadership, and the element of air.  The lapel style pin is officially licensed Stormlight Archive™ jewelry with Brandon Sanderson.

$55.00 - $65.00
Lady Death Skull Pin
Lady Death™ Skull Pin

Officially licensed skull pin from the Lady Death comics by Brian Pulido.  The brooch style pin is handcrafted in yellow bronze.

Sterling Silver Large F-16 Hat Tack
Large F-16 Pin

The F-16 pin is a 1/500 scale model of an F-16 C/D Fighting Falcon Jet in a lapel pin style.  Available in sterling silver or 14k gold

$39.95 - $739.00
Indigo's Lotus Tattoo Pin
Lotus Tattoo Pin

Riko and her team each have lotus flower tattoo to symbolize their unity in K.C. Alexander's SINless © series.  The officially licensed NecroTech © lotus pin is available in antiqued sterling silver or enameled with the colors of the SINless team's tattoos.

$49.00 - $79.00