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Elder Futhark Rune Key Chains, Cufflinks and More

Sterling Silver Hobbit Hole™ Door Pin
Bag End™ Door Pin

On Sale - A Hobbit hole door pin featuring the bindrune made by Gandalf ® bindrune and finished with a rich green enamel.  The Hobbit ® pin is available in a lapel pin (hat tack) style or a tie tack style in your choice of sterling silver, 14k yellow, white, rose, or palladium white (nickel free) gold.

$48.00 - $1,187.00
Sterling Silver Baggins™ Cuff Links
Baggins™ Cufflinks

On Sale - Bilbo Baggins™ Door Cufflinks available in sterling silver and 14k gold.  The officially licensed The Hobbit ® cufflinks feature the Bindrune Gandalf ® scratched into the door.

$109.00 - $2,319.00
Bronze Bag End Door™ Key Chain in Yellow Bronze
Bronze Bag End™ Door Keychain

Special Priced - Bronze Hobbit  hole door key chain featuring the bindrune made by Gandalf ® on Bilbo Baggins™ door, officially licensed The Hobbit ® jewelry.

Bronze Thror's Key™, Key Chain Side 1
Bronze Thrór's Key™ Keychain

Special Priced - Thrór's Key™ is a secret key with a long barrel and intricate wards made my Thorin Oakenshield's™ grandfather.  The key chain is an officially licensed The Hobbit ® replica.

The Hobbit™ Dwarven Battle Axe Key Chain White Bronze Back
Khzdul™ Dwarven Battle Axe Keychain

Special Priced - Khuzdul™ Dwaven Battle Axe Key Chain available in white or yellow bronze.  The Khuzdul battle cry is etched into the blade of the axe in Angerthas Moria Runes™.

Arkenstone Replica in Wood Box
The Arkenstone® Replica

On Sale - Inspired by The Hobbit ®, the immortal work by JRR. Tolkien, comes The Arkenstone of Thrain™, an officially licensed replica.