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Aztec Solar Calendar Necklace

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Each Aztec Solar Calendar Necklace is skillfully crafted in sterling silver.  The Aztec calendar set out the mathematical formulas according to which the whole universe was organized and which governed the actions of men and Gods alike. The calendar is actually two: the Xiupohualli or the count of the days and the Tonalpohualli or the count of destiny. In addition to the count of the days, it also has astronomical data like the phases of the moon and Venus and the years of Mercury and Mars.

The Sun Stone pendant measures approximately 27.1 mm (just over 1") in diameter and is slightly convex.  The Aztec Calendar weighs approximately 4.6 grams.  Choose from a 24" long black leather cord or a 24" long stainless steel curb chain.  An 18" long sterling silver cable chain is available for an additional $9.00 or a 20" long 1.2 mm sterling silver box chain is available for an additional $25.00. 

This item is kept in stock for immediate shipment.  Feel free to contact us for the anticipated production time for your Goddess Jewelry.

This item comes packaged in a jewelry box. 

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