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Cthulhu Medallion

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$29.00 - $1,594.00

Inspired from the gothic horror stories of HP Lovecraft such as The Call of Cthulhu and The Shadow Over Innsmouth, the Badali Jewelry artist Janelle Badali designed and hand carved the Cthulhu Medallion.  The back of the pendant is engraved with the Cthulhu chant, "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" - In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.

The Cthulhu pendant is skillfully crafted in your choice of precious metals, carefully hand finished, and individually inspected for the highest quality by our staff.  The Cthulhu necklace is available in sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, white finished bronze, or yellow bronze.  White finished bronze is a surface treatment that will eventually wear away over time.  How quickly a surface treatment will wear away is dependent on the daily wear and tear the item will be exposed to.

The Cthulhu pendant measures approximately 32.8 mm (just over 1 1/4") long, 28.1 mm (just under 1 1/8") wide, and 3 mm (1/8") at the thickest point.  The Cthulhu medallion weighs approximately 7.7 grams in sterling silver, approximately 9.7 grams in 14k gold, and approximately 5.7 grams in bronze.  The back of the pendant is carved out slightly to reduce the weight.  The necklace is stamped with our copyright hallmark and the metal content, STER (sterling),14K, or bronze -  ensuring our jewelry is made of the finest metals

Choose from a 24" long stainless steel rope chain, 24" long gold plated curb chain, or a 24" long black leather cord.  A 20" long 1.2 mm sterling silver box chain is available for an additional $25.00, an 18" long 14k yellow gold rope chain for $175.00, or an 18" long 14k white gold rope chain for $175.00.

The medallion is available with a black antiquing finish - as photographed, or a plain silver or plain gold finish - just the metal, no treatment.

We try to keep this item in stock in sterling silver and bronze for immediate shipment.  We are a cast-to-order company and cast every Tuesday and Thursday.  Please allow 5 to 7 days from the next casting date for production of this item.  Orders placed before 3pm MST Monday or Wednesday will be included in the following day's cast.  Feel free to contact us for the anticipated production time for your Cthulhu jewelry.

This item comes packaged in a jewelry box.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Nancy , 12/07/2018

I have been a big Lovecraft and Cthulhu fan, so when I saw this at a Con I had to take a closer look. I loved what I saw, and when I was shown the inscription on the back, I fangirled and bought it on the spot.

Four years later it is still beautiful, and looking great. It gets a lot of wear, and is my favorite piece that I have bought from Badali.
(I bought the white bronze with the antique finish)

Reviewed by Richard W, 05/17/2018

The picture on your website doesn't do this beautiful pendant justice. I am impressed by the beautiful craftsmanship, the silver is so shiny in the sun, and I love the writing on the back. Nice touch. I confuse people when I try to explain what it says too. ;-) I get blank looks, because most people I talk to have never even heard of Lovecraft. So I feel like I'm part of some secret Eldritch club when I wear it. I wear it with pride.

Reviewed by Sarah , 07/19/2016

Such a beautiful, unique design! I love that it kind of resembles a Claddagh.