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NOTICE: Our Wheel of Time® license has ended with the BanderSnatch group.  All sales on our remaining inventory are final.

Sterling Silver Ancient Aes Sedai Symbol Pin
Ancient Aes Sedai™ Symbol Pin

The Ancient Aes Sedai Symbol represents the male and female halves of the One Power™, Saidin™ and Saidar™.  The pin is officially licensed Wheel of Time ® jewelry.

Sterling Silver Ashaman Dragon Pin
Asha'man Dragon Pin™

The Asha'man Dragon Pin™, officially licensed Wheel of Time ® replica worn by Rand al'Thor™.  Available in sterling silver, 10k gold and 14k gold.

$59.00 - $1,254.00
Asha'man Dragon Pin in 24k Gold Plated Bronze
Asha'man Dragon Pin™, 24k Gold Plated Bronze

This item is Sold Out - The Asha'man Dragon Pin™ worn by Rand al'Thor™ in 24k gold plated bronze.  Officially licensed Wheel of Time ® replica.

This item is out of stock
Sword Pin of the Dedicated in Sterling Silver
Dedicated Sword Pin™

The Dedicated™ Sword Pin, given to the male channelers of the Black Tower™ who have reached the level of Dedicated.

Yellow Bronze Snake-Wheel Pin
Wheel of Time® Pin

The Wheel of Time ®, also call the Snake-Wheel™, is the iconic image of the best seller novels by Robert Jordan.  The Wheel of Time Pin is available in bronze, sterling silver, or 14k yellow or white gold.

$25.00 - $62.00
Wheel of Time™ Pin Set II
Wheel of Time® Pin Set, Gold Plated Bronze Dragon Pin

This item is Sold Out - Wheel of Time ® Pin Set includes the officially licensed 24k gold plated bronze Asha'man Dragon Pin™ and sterling silver Sword Pin of the Dedicated™.

This item is out of stock



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