We Thank You For Your Support of Our Family Business!!! PRODUCTION TIME ON JEWELRY MAY BE A LITTLE LONGER.

The Winter Lady's Ice Opal Pentacle - Limited Edition!

Due to a manufacturing error we are unexpectedly able to offer you a SECOND Limited Edition Harry Dresden's Pentacle. With Jim Butcher's blessing we are thrilled to offer The Winter Lady's Ice Opal Pentacle.
The stone is a man made teal colored opal with pink, blue, and green fire. As we held the stones we couldn't stop thinking about Molly Carpenter, so maybe it wasn't an accident. Maybe Molly heard Badali was in need and she sent some devious fay to make a stone just for her. We hear you loud and clear Winter Lady.
Limited Edition Winter Lady's Pentacle available while supplies last - $149.00 in Sterling Silver.
Does this mean Demon Reach Pentacle is postponed?
Unfortunately, yes. The manufacturer has apologized for their error and have started production on the Demon Reach stones. However, this will delay the release of the Demon Reach Pentacle to early summer. We deeply apologize for the delay.
For the entire Dresden Collection:  https://badalijewelry.com/collections/dresden-files

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