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Sterling Silver Elven Pins & Brooches

Sterling Silver Elessar Brooch with Green Cubic Zirconia
Elessar™ The Elfstone

Special Priced - Elessar™, also known as as the Stone of Eärendil™, is the silver eagle brooch given to Aragorn™ by Galadriel™ in the Lord of the Rings™ trilogy.  Elessar is officially licensed Lord of the Rings jewelry and is available as a brooch or a necklace in sterling silver or white finished bronze.

$99.00 - $264.00
Elven Leaf Brooch
Elven Leaf Brooch

Sterling silver European Beech leaf brooch hand finihsed with rich green enamel.

Sterling Silver Fairy Brooch
Fairy Brooch

Art nouveau style fairy brooch handcrafted in sterling silver.