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Medieval Bracelets in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold

Sterling Silver Build Your Own Vampire Bracelet with 5 Charms
Build Your Own Charm Bracelet

7" or 8" sterling silver customizable vampire themed charm bracelet.  The bracelet can hold one to seven charms including bats, wolves, lions, spiders, moon and stars and Swarovski crystal hearts.

$40.00 - $280.00
Sterling Silver Elven Orchid Bracelet
Elven Orchid Bracelet

Sterling silver bracelet with a repeating pattern of orchid flowers and their leaves.

Sterling Silver Elven Primrose Bracelet
Elven Primrose Bracelet

Handcrafted in sterling silver bracelet with repeating pattern of primrose flowers and curling leaves.

Sterling Silver Elven Rose Bracelet
Elven Rose Bracelet

Sterling silver cuff style Rose Bracelet with an open rose and leaf pattern that runs along the entire bracelet.

Sterling Silver Elven Starflower Bracelet
Elven Starflower Bracelet

The sterling silver bracelet features a repeating pattern of starflowers, leaves, and spiral designs.

Harry Dresden's© Shield Bracelet with Silver Charms
Harry Dresden's© Shield Bracelet

Special Price - Replica of the original and most iconic version of Harry Dresden's © protective bracelet from The Dresden Files ©.  The officially licensed bracelet is available with sterling silver or white finished bronze Medieval shield charms.

$97.00 - $195.00
Sterling Silver Vampire Charm Bracelet
Vampire Charm Bracelet

Sterling silver Vampire Bracelet featuring a bat charm, gothic castle charm and a Swarovski Crystal Heart in your choice of four colors.

$78.00 - $82.00