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Temeraire™ Medallion

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$35.00 - $134.00

Inspired by the fantasy series Temeraire™ by Naomi Novik, the Badali Jewelry artist have designed and created the  Temeraire Medallion.  Temeraire is a large black Celestial Dragon with blue/grey markings on the edge of his wings.  The dragon pendant is available in your choice of ruthenium plated sterling silver or dark bronze.  The ruthenium plating is a surface treatment that will eventually wear away over time.  How quickly a surface treatment will wear away is dependent on the amount of daily wear the item is exposed to.  Each Temeraire necklace is carefully hand finished and individually inspected for the highest quality by our staff.  The dragon medallion is officially licensed as Temeraire jewelry with Temeraire, LLC.

The medallion features the bust of Temeraire,  the dragon hatched onboard the HMS Reliant in January, 1805.  Temeraire took an immediate and unexpected liking to the ship's captain, Royal Navy officer William Laurence, even though Laurence had not been chosen to harness him.  Startled and groping for inspiration, Laurence offered the newly hatched dragon the name Temeraire, after the British naval ship.  He was later chagrined when he learned that British dragons were usually given Latin names, but in fact the name, which in French means "bold" but can also mean "reckless" or "rash", turned out to suit the dragon's character exceptionally well.

The Temeraire pendant measures approximately 34 mm (1 5/16") at the longest point, 32 mm (1 1/4") at the widest point, and 7.2 mm (1/4") from the nose to the back of the pendant.  The medallion weighs approximately 12.1 grams in sterling silver, approximately 9.89 grams in bronze.  The area behind the dragon's face is partially carved out for casting purposes.  The back of the pendant is textured and stamped with our makers mark and copyright symbol.  The silver pendant is stamped STER (sterling), ensuring our jewelry is made of the finest metals.

Choose from a 24" long stainless steel rope chain or a 24" long black leather cord.  An optional 20" silver box chain is available for an additional $25.00.

We are a cast-to-order company and cast every Tuesday and Thursday.  Please allow 5 to 7 days from the next casting date for production of this item.  Orders placed before 3pm MST Monday or Wednesday will be included in the following day's cast.  Feel free to contact us for the anticipated production time for your Temeraire Jewelry.

This item comes packaged in a jewelry box with a card of authenticity.

“Temeraire”, and the characters and places therein, are trademarks of Temeraire, LLC under license to Badali Jewelry.  All Rights Reserved.

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