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Medieval Brooches & Medieval Pins in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold

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Sterling Silver Ashaman Dragon Pin

Special Priced - The Asha'man Dragon Pin™, officially licensed Wheel of Time ® replica worn by Rand al'Thor™.  Available in sterling silver, 10k gold and 14k gold.

$36.00 - $1,047.00
Asha'man Dragon Pin™, 24k Gold Plated Bronze

The Asha'man Dragon Pin™ worn by Rand al'Thor™ in 24k gold plated bronze.  Officially licensed Wheel of Time ® replica.

$30.00 - $35.00
Dedicated Sword Pin

Special Priced - The Dedicated™ Sword Pin, given to the male channelers of the Black Tower™ who have reached the level of Dedicated.

Sterling Silver Dragon Brooch

Dragon Pin from our fantasy jewelry line.

$58.00 - $1,176.00
Elven Leaf Brooch

Elven Leaf Brooch from our Fantasy and Elven Jewelry lines.

Sterling Silver Fairy Brooch

Nouveau Fairy Brooch from our Fantasy Jewelry Line featuring Fairies.

Sterling Silver New Moon Pin from ElfQuest

New Moon™ is a double edged sword with a wrapped hilt from the longest-running independant fantasy series, ElfQuest™.  The character Cutter is rarely without his trusty blade.  The officially licensed New Moon Pin is available in sterling silver, 14k gold and 14k white gold.

$29.00 - $325.00
Sterling Silver Wheel of Time™ Pin Set

Sterling silver Wheel of Time ® Pin Set includes the officially licensed Asha'man Dragon Pin™ and the Sword Pin of the Dedicated™.

$69.00 - $74.00
Wheel of Time™ Pin Set II

Wheel of Time ® Pin Set includes the officially licensed 24k gold plated bronze Asha'man Dragon Pin™ and sterling silver Sword Pin of the Dedicated™.

$59.00 - $64.00