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It's Christmas in July!  We've discounted some of our most popular items from all our jewelry lines.  Sale prices are valid through July 31, 2017.

10mm Custom Rune Bracelet
10mm Custom Rune Bracelet

On Sale - 10mm wide sterling silver cuff style Custom Rune Bracelet hand stamped with your words, runes or phrases in Elder Futhark Runes.

Sterling Silver Aes Sedai Great Serpent Ring
Aes Sedai™ Great Serpent Ring™

On Sale - Great Serpent™ Ring, the snake eating its own tail worn by the Aes Sedai™ in the Wheel of Time® series by Robert Jordan.  Officially licensed replica available in sterling silver, 10k and 14k gold.

$52.00 - $1,463.00
Algiz Rune Necklace with Beads
Algiz (Z) Rune Necklace

On Sale - Algiz, the Z Rune, invites Protection, Health and Happiness to the wearer.  The Algiz Rune pendant is cast in sterling silver and is available with or without black beads.

$25.00 - $45.00
Sterling Silver Ankh Earrings
Ankh Earrings

On Sale - Dangle style Ankh Earrings available in sterling silver, 14k gold, or 14k white gold.  The ankh was an Ancient Egyptian symbol of Nem Ankh - life after death or Eternal Life.

$23.00 - $322.00
Sterling Silver Aon Rao Pendant
Aon Rao™ Pendant

On Sale - Rao™ is the magical symbol for Spirit and Essence from Brandon Sanderson's fantasy novel, Elantris™.  The officially licensed Rao necklace is available in sterling silver, palladium plated sterling silver, 14k yellow or white gold.

$37.00 - $1,126.00
Sterling Silver Enameled Aon Rao Pendant Pearl
Aon Rao™ Pendant with Enamel

On Sale - Rao™ is the Aon™ symbol for Spirit and Essence in author Brandon Sanderson's Elantris.  The officially licensed necklace is available in sterling silver, 14k gold, or 14k white gold and is finished with your choice of gemstone colored enamels.

$45.00 - $1,134.00
Sterling Silver Aquarius Necklace
Aquarius Necklace

On Sale - Aquarius Necklace, the Water Bearer, zodiac symbol for January 20 to February 18.

$20.00 - $490.00
Sterling Silver Ashaman Dragon Pin
Asha'man Dragon Pin™

On Sale - The Asha'man Dragon Pin™, officially licensed Wheel of Time ® replica worn by Rand al'Thor™.  Available in sterling silver, 10k gold and 14k gold.

$45.00 - $1,066.00
Sterling Silver Asha'man Dragon Cufflinks
Asha'man Dragon™ Cufflinks

On Sale - Asha'man Dragon™ Cufflinks, cufflink versions of the dragon pin designed by Rand al'Thor™.  Officially licensed Wheel of Time ® jewelry.

$79.00 - $1,832.00
Sterling Silver Asha'man Dragon Money Clip
Asha'man Dragon™ Money Clip

On Sale - Asha'man Dragon™ Money Clip from our officially licensed Wheel of Time ® jewelry line.

$39.00 - $44.00
Iron Druid Chronicles Atticus's Iron Amulet and Binding Charms
Atticus's Necklace

On Sale - The magical necklace made and worn by Atticus O'Sullivan in Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid Chronicles™.  The Iron Druid Chronicles™ Atticus's Iron Amulet and Binding Charms is an officially licensed.  The charms are available in sterling silver or pewter.

$60.00 - $130.00
Sterling Silver Hobbit Hole™ Door Pin
Bag End™ Door Pin

On Sale - A Hobbit hole door pin featuring the bindrune made by Gandalf ® bindrune and finished with a rich green enamel.  The Hobbit ® pin is available in a lapel pin (hat tack) style or a tie tack style in your choice of sterling silver, 14k yellow, white, rose, or palladium white (nickel free) gold.

$48.00 - $1,121.00
Sterling Silver Baroque Gemstone Necklace Amethyst
Baroque Gemstone Necklace

On Sale - Baroque style necklace set with your choice of natural gemstones.  The Baroque pendant is available in sterling silver, 14k gold and 14k white gold.

$47.00 - $607.00
Bridge Four Badge Key Chain
Bridge Four™ Badge Key Chain

On Sale - The Bridge Four Badge is a glyph worn by members of the Honor Guard lead by Kaladin™ in Brandon Sanderson's The Stormlight Archive™.  The insignia combines the glyph Vev™, meaning the number four, and the glyph Gesheh™, meaning bridge.  The officially licensed key chain is cast in yellow bronze. 

Bronze Biohazard Necklace
Bronze Biohazard Necklace

On Sale - The biohazard necklace is available in your choice of yellow bronze or white bronze. 

$17.00 - $29.00
Bronze Thror's Key™, Key Chain Side 1
Bronze Thrór's Key™ Key Chain

On Sale - Thrór's Key™ is a secret key with a long barrel and intricate wards made my Thorin Oakenshield's™ grandfather.  The key chain is an officially licensed The Hobbit ® replica.

Sterling Silver Buccaneer Ship Charm
Buccaneer Ship Charm

On Sale - The Buccaneer Ship Charm is available in sterling silver, 14k gold and 14k white gold.  The pirate ship charm includes an un-soldered jump ring.

$16.00 - $472.00
Top View of Mechanimal Pendant
Bumbersnoot© Pendant

On Sale - Bumbersnoot, a funny little mechanical sausage dog, is Sophronia's ever faithful companion in Gail Carriger's The Finishing School © series.  The robotic dachshund pendant is cast in yellow bronze and includes your choice of chains.  The Bumbersnoot necklace is officially licensed with the author.

$23.00 - $48.00
Sterling Silver Cat Charm
Cat Charm

Sale - Sterling silver cat head charm with un-soldered jump ring.  Cats are considered symbols of patience, independence, and courage.

$6.00 - $18.00
Sterling Silver Celtic Circle Bracelet
Celtic Circle Bracelet

On Sale - 7 1/2" long sterling silver bracelet featuring eleven circular Celtic knot charms linked together.  Finished with a lobster claw clasp.


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