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Our animal jewelry line will be discontinued after February 28, 2019.  The following animal jewelry items will remain on our website for purchase:

BAT-04  (Vampire)
BSD-01  (Dracula by Bram Stoker)
CELT-01  (Celtic)
CELT-02  (Celtic)
CELT-17  (Celtic)
CSR-01  (City Stained Red)
CSR-02  (City Stained Red)
CSR-03  (City Stained Red)
DR-29  (Fantasy)
DRES-02  (Dresden Files)
EK-031  (Kokopelli Extreme)
EN-29  (The Lord of the Rings)
HBT-17  (The Lord of the Rings)
LOTR-18  (The Lord of the Rings)
LOTR-19  (The Lord of the Rings)
P-007  (Petroglyph)
P-009  (Petroglyph)
P-012  (Petroglyph)
P-016  (Petroglyph)
P-018  (Petroglyph)
P-019  (Petroglyph)
P-020  (Petroglyph)
P-003N (Petroglyph)
P-007N (Petroglyph)
P-009N (Petroglyph)
P-016N  (Petroglyph)
P-018N  (Petroglyph)
P-019N  (Petroglyph)
P-021N  (Petroglyph)
P-030N  (Petroglyph)
P-031N  (Petroglyph)
PR-04  (Pirate)
RED-14  (Red Rising)
RED-15  (Red Rising)
RED-16  (Red Rising)
RJ-05  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-06  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-08  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-18  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-19  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-20  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-21  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-22  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-23  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-41  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-43  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-44  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-45  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-46  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-48  (Wheel of Time)
RJ-49  (Wheel of Time)
SE-19  (Ouroboros)
SE-20  (Ouroboros)
SN-17  (Ouroboros)
SN-18  (Ouroboros)
SPC-01  (Fantasy)
SPC-10  (Fantasy)
SPE-01  (Fantasy)
SPE-10  (Fantasy)
SPR-01  (Fantasy)
SPR-01/SPR-14  (The Lord of the Rings)
SR-15  (Ouroboros)
TFS-01  (The Finishing School)
WN-06  (Fantasy)
WN-11  (Fantasy)
WVR-07  (The Lord of the Rings)
VAMP-06  (Vampire)
VAMP-13  (Vampire)
VAMP-19  (Vampire)
VAMP-92  (Vampire)