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Badali Jewelry Specialties, Inc. is a family owned and operated company located in Layton, Utah. We pride ourselves on our unique designs, high quality hand crafted jewelry products, and personal customer service. We currently produce over thirty specialized jewelry lines including officially licensed pieces with popular fantasy authors. Working directly with the author, we bring to life the precious metals and gems from their fantasy worlds into our reality. High quality materials are used for every item we create. We also offer custom jewelry in many of our designs to make each piece your own unique jewelry item.




Paul J. Badali, President and Master Jeweler, has more than 40 years’ experience as an accomplished jewelry designer and gold and silversmith.  Paul has a BS in Zoology Teaching. Paul's designs are influenced by his love of fantasy and science fiction novels.  He has also been fascinated with gemstones and crystals since a boy.  Click Here for more of Paul's story and how he came to create the One Ring of Power™.

Picture of Paul Badali Present, and founder of Badali Jewelry Inc.

Janelle Badali, Vice President and Jewelry Designer, is a true blue geek girl.  She collects comic books and is has a vast X-men knowledge.  She plays D&D, has a hearty Magic: The Gathering collection, and is often found playing Fable into the wee hours of the morning.  She has a bachelors of visual arts in photography.  Her designs include the Cthulhu Jewelry line, Goddess Necklaces and has worked on the Elantris and Wheel of Time jewelry lines.

Janelle was featured in Morgan Spurlock's documentary Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope delivering the custom designed engagement ring we created for James Darling.


Janelle Badali, VP



Alaina Spencer, Manager and second in command has come back to us after a long adventure that took her in other avenues.  We are grateful to have her back and appreciate her extensive business background and always looking to continuously improve our processes. She's finally! married to the love of her life and together they have three amazing children.  In her past time Alaina enjoys the country life and you'll often find her and her girls riding their horses. Alaina has a BS in Business Administration,Radiology, and Communications.

 Alaina Spencer, Manager


Ryan Cazier, Lead Jeweler, started out as an apprentice jeweler with Badali Jewelry.  He is now an accomplished gold and silversmith and talented jewelry designer.  His designs include the Earth, Air, Fire and Water Elven Element Bands, Thor's Hammer, Snake Eating Its Tail Ring. Ryan’s more recent designs are the Rings Of Men TM including the Witch-KingsTM Ring.  Ryan informs us all, that one day his evil plans to take over the world will succeed.  All hail the Cazier.

Ryan Cazier



Hillarie Gowers, Jeweler. Hillarie has a BFA in Photography and Film, so everyone was very surprised when the jewelry career path stuck. Hillarie is a jeweler, designer, and the social media manager. When not at the jewelry bench, she helps promote sex education and sex positivity in SLC. She enjoys video games, cosplay, photography, table top board games, and frozen Sour Patch Kids. She has a very long back log of books that she should be reading/listening too, but is on a horror podcast kick and isn’t entirely sure how to get out of the existential hole she has found herself in. 

She wishes she could have photoshop loaded into her finger tips. Hillarie Jill Gowers, Jeweler

Loria Badali Call, Events Manager and Webmaster, is the product of good solid geek stock.  Named for the mythical forest, Lothlorian, from Tolkien's Lord for The Rings novels.  Loria worked in regional theatre for 5 years and has even appeared in a little movie called Napoleon Dynamite - she was the "I want that" lady buying tupperware. Loria has a BFA in Musical Theatre.

 Loria Badali Call, Accounting


Justin Oates, Assistant Jeweler

 Justin Oates, Jewelry