We use only reputable sourced and high quality metals to create our handcrafted jewelry. Primary metals are silver, gold and bronze.  

Sterling Silver: 92.5% Silver, 7.5% Copper.

10 Karat Yellow Gold: 41.7% Gold, 40.8% Copper, 11% Silver, 6.5% Zinc.

10 Karat White Gold: 41.7% Gold, 33.3% Copper, 12.6% Nickel, 12.4% Zinc.

14 Karat Yellow Gold: 58.3% Gold, 29% Copper, 8% Silver, 4.7% Zinc.

14 Karat White Gold: 58.3% Gold, 23.8% Copper, 9% Nickel, 8.9% Zinc.

14 Karat Palladium White Gold: 58.3% Gold, 26.2% Silver, 10.5% Palladium, 4.6% Copper, 4% Zinc.

14 Karat Rose Gold: 58.3% Gold, 39.2% Copper, 2.1% Silver, 0.4% Zinc.

18 Karat Yellow Gold: 75% Gold, 17.4% Copper, 4.8% Silver, 2.8% Zinc.

22 Karat Yellow Gold: 91.7% Gold, 5.8% Copper, 1.6% Silver, 0.9% Zinc.

Yellow Bronze: 95% Copper, 4% silicon, 1% Manganese. 

White Bronze: 59% Copper, 22.8% Zinc, 16% Nickel, 1.20% Silicon, 0.25% Cobalt, 0.25% Indium, 0.25% Silver (White bronze, like white gold, is alloyed with nickel to create its white color).

Brass:  90% Copper, 5.25% Silver, 4.5% Zinc, 0.25% Indium.

Iron: Elemental Metal. Water & moisture may cause rust.  Use a cloth and a little vegetable oil to rub rust away.  -Iron is cast out of house so we have to do larger batches. 


Surface Treatments

White Finished Bronze: This is a nickel surface treatment over bronze, to give a light and bright finish.

Black Ruthenium Plating: Ruthenium is a platinum group metal used to give metals, such a silver, a dark gray to black color. 

Antiquing: This surface treatment gives the piece dimension and an appearance of aged patina. 

*Surface treatments can wear away, depending on the frequency and lifestyle of the wearer.



All enamels are lead free. We pride ourselves on the quality of our detailed enamel work, as each piece is hand done by our master jewelers.  The enamels we use are a resin-based heat cured polymer that provide the look of glass enamel.

*Enamel that has been exposed to chemicals and lotions can become cloudy. Please contact us if you would like us to revive your enameled jewelry.


Custom Metal and Gemstone Upgrades

Please contact us for pricing:

Palladium White Gold (Nickel Free White Gold)A precious metal from the platinum group metals. To alloy with gold, without the use of nickel, to create a white color. Palladium white gold is more expensive and seldom causes allergic reactions. All 14k white gold items can be customized in palladium white gold.

Rose Gold: A gold alloyed with copper alloy to create a, rosy reddish pink color. All 14k gold items can be customized in rose gold.

Platinum: Please contact us to find out if the item you are interested in can be cast in platinum.

Please Note: Custom Metal Upgrade Orders are not refundable, returnable, or exchangeable.

Gemstones: If the listed gemstone is not what you want, contact us for pricing and availability of gemstones that will uniquely customize your jewelry.  


Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Use a few drops of mild dish washing liquid in warm water.  Soak a few minutes to soften grime on stones and metal. We do not recommend prolonged soaking, as it may disrupt antiquing or enameling. Gently rub with a soft cloth. Rinse in warm water and dry with a soft cloth. A jewelry polishing cloth is recommended to keep sliver and other metals bright. Do not use jewelry cleaning solutions for jewelry with enamel or gemstones.