Badali Recommends #2 Paul Badali

Next up in Badali Recommends is THE Badali in Badali Jewelry, Paul Badali. 



Paul 'Da Jewela (said with a New Jersey accent); Grand Pooh-bah, Head Muckie-Muck, The Old Man


Job Title:

Founder, President, Chief of latrine logistics


Currently reading:

Billions and billions, by Carl Sagan


Last book you finished:

Sci-Fi trilogy by Stephen Moss; The Fear Saga


Favorite Book/Comic:

Everything Brandon Sanderson


Favorite Series:

The Dresden Files; Jim Butcher


Favorite Non Fiction:

The Theory of Everything: The Quest to Explain All Reality.  By Don Lincoln, from The Great Courses


Favorite Fiction:

Kingkiller Chronicles; Pat Rothfuss


Other literary recs:

A Sci-fi trilogy I recently enjoyed a lot by A.G. Riddle; Winter World, The Solar War, The Lost Colony.


Favorite Genre:

Sci-fi, Fantasy, Science, Philosophy


Favorite Book/Series that Badali works with:

If you have not read The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne; you have not yet lived!


Favorite piece of jewelry:

The Engagement Ring of Aragorn and Arwen

 Engagement Ring of Arwen and Aragorn nestled in dead grape vines

Favorite piece of jewelry to make:

All of the custom Rune Rings, Cirth Rune Rings, Court Rings from Kingkiller, Custom Steel Alphabet rings from Mistborn.

Two custom silver Steel Alphabet rings 

Other Media Recommends:

This Is Crazy.  A quirky British series, comedy, drama, Cop show made around 2004 to 2008; 12 seasons:  New Tricks on HULU


Go to thing to listen to while making/packing jewelry:


Next 3 books in line are:  Ancient Civilizations of North America by Edwin Barnhart; 

A Passion for Nature: The Live of John Muir by Donald Worster;

The Spiritual Brain: Science and Religious Experience by Andrew Newberg, from The Great Courses


Favorite Quote:

I ain't grouchy; I just have a low threshold for stupidity! Bonus question: Can you identify the source?


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Links to recommends:

Billions and billions, by Carl Sagan:

Everything @BrandSanderson:

The Fear Saga by Stephen Moss:

Iron Druid Chronicles by @KevinHearne :

Engagement Ring of Aragorn & Arwen:

Custom Rings by Badali:

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