Badali Recommends #4 Justin

Next up in Badali Recommends is Justin! 


Name: Justin


Job Title: 

Master Minion, I mean um, Bench Jeweler


Currently reading: 

I'm on about book seven of the Expeditionary Force series by Craig Alanson. Long live Skippy.


Last book you finished: 

Book six of the Expeditionary Force series... Too obvious? I read the Finishing School series by the lovely Gail Carriger before this current series binge.


Favorite Book/Comic: 

Oh man... That's hard. I can't choose one. 


Favorite Series: 

Okay, I admit there's better written series out there, but for me, it's The Dark Tower by Stephen King. It's just such a cool mix of fantasy, sci-fi, and western. Plus it ties into so many of his other books, and you know what, I like that he goes on wildly descriptive tangents so pfffft!


Favorite non-fiction:

Zombie Survival Guide. Haha, kidding.

No more favorites! It's too hard to choose!


Other literary recs: 

Well, obviously The Dark Tower. Multiple universes, time paradoxes, Spartan-esque cowboy, wizards, robots, insane AI, psychics, monsters... Just go for it. 


World War Z, but don't expect the fast zombies of the movie. Or the cohesive story of just one main character. It's good though.


The Expanse. Some of THE best sci-fi out there.


The Stand. A super flu ravages the world's popu- on second thought, too soon. It's a wild read and I do recommend it but maybe not the best choice while in quarantine. Put it on the list for later. Perhaps much later.


The Nightlord series. Yet another fun mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Multiple universes, vampires, magic and with a nice dash of semi-realistic physics and science for good measure. 


And last but certainly not least.

Ilium and Olympos.

These two books are crazy awesome. Dan Simmons writes some wild books. Plot points to intrigue you: interplanetary travel, biomechanical people on the moons of Jupiter, genetically engineered people who don't age, Earth has a specific herd population of people, and dinosaurs. Now here's where it gets really wild. Olympian gods who oversee the recreation of the Trojan War as depicted in the Iliad. On Mars. I know, it sounds crazy. It is crazy, but seriously, it works and it's so good. 


Favorite Genre: 

Obviously romance. Obviously. 


Favorite Book/Series affiliated with Badali: Stormlight Archives. No wait, Lord of the Rings. No wait! Kingkiller Chronicles. Ugh, why do I have to pick just one??


Favorite piece of jewelry: 

What did I say about favorites? What did I say?! Ugh, I don't know... Im pretty fond of the Nenya actually. The two tracers soldered version is especially pretty. Though, the Umbar is really snazzy too.

 Picture of Nenya with two tracer bands soldered on either sidePicture of one of the rings of men from lord of the rings

Favorite piece of jewelry to make:

Oh, Auri's Gear for sure. Twitch. So... many... gears. Okay in all seriousness I'd have to say Bridge 4.

 Bronze bridge four necklace

Other Media Recommends:

TV: Firefly, One Punch Man, The IT Crowd, Black Books


Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs the World, the Alien series, Interstellar, Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later, some good ole Marvel shenanigans.


Video games: that's uh, kind of a big question. Most anything, but I don't in much for sports games and I'm a PC gamer primarily. Lately I've been playing XCOM 2... again.


Go to thing to listen to while making/packing jewelry: Audiobooks, then something fast paced and punchy if books aren't doing it for me that day.


Can’t wait for (Book/Movie/Game/etc release):

Half-Life 3. *Sobs uncontrollably*

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Links to recommends:

Expeditionary Force series by Craig Alanson:


The Finishing School Series by Gail Carriger:


The Dark Tower by Stephen King: 

World War Z by Max Brooks:

Ilium Series by Dan Simmons:

Nenya by Badali:

Auri’s Gear by Badali:

Bridge Four: 

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