Runes are the mystical alphabet used by ancient European tribes 2000 years ago to name places and things, attract luck and fortune, provide protection, and magically divine the course of future events. Runes were carved onto stone or wood. The tools of the time such as the ax, knife, or chisel could not easily be used to form curved lines, so Runic letters were formed with straight lines only. Virtually all of Europe used them at one time, but today they are best remembered for their use by the ancient Norse: the Vikings.

      The oldest known form and arrangement of Runic letters, the Elder Futhark runes, are estimated by the British Museum to have been in use by the Vikings around 200 A.D. Some believe it to be much earlier. In Norse, the Elder Futhark is read from right to left. "F U T H A R K" is the first 6 symbols of the Runic alphabet (note "th" is one letter).

      The Runic alphabet is phonetic, each letter represents a sound, so double consonants are not used. Words spelled with pp, dd, ll, etc. would be spelled using a single p, d, or l in Runes.

      Rune Symbol Rune Name Corresponding English Letter: Meaning Uses Element
      Fehu F Wealth

      Invites Wealth & Fulfillment of Goals

      Uruz U Strength

      Invites Creativity
      & Wealth

      Thurisaz TH Force, Giant

      Invites Strength for facing a Test, Difficulty or Powerful Enemy

      Ansuz A God, Ancestor, Devine Breath

      Invites Devine Power, Luck & Inspiration

      Raido R Journey, Wheel

      Invites Renewal & Safe Journey - Physical or Spiritual

      Kenaz K, C or Q Torch, Fire, Light

      Manifests Character & Personality

      Gifu G Gift, Partnership

      Invites Harmony, Joy & Generosity

      Wunjo W or V Glory, Joy, Perfection, Wish

      Invites Glory & Wisdom

      Hagalaz H Hail, Weapon of War

      Carved Into Weapons of War

      Nauthiz N Need, Necessity

      Invites Destiny, To Accomplish the Impossible

      Isa I Ice, Power

      Invites Authority& Power; Symbol of Masculinity

      Jera Y or J Year, Harvest

      Invites Long Term Success & Luck; Gardener's Rune

      Eihwaz EI, AE Yew Tree, Potential

      Manifest Your Greatest Potential

      Pertho P Secrets, Chance

      Invites Birth of New; Success in Games of Chance

      Algiz Z or X Protection

      Invites Protection, Health & Happiness

      Sowulo S Sun, Salvation

      Invites Salvation, Spiritual Protection; Symbol of the Sun

      Teiwaz T

      Creator, Spear,
      Tyr - The Norse God of Justice

      Invites Strength of Purpose, Will Power & Resolution of Conflict

      Berkana B Birch Tree, Beloved

      Invites Romance, Healing & Protection

      Ehwaz E Horse, Friendship

      Symbol of The Bonds of Friendship

      Mannaz M Mankind, Knowledge

      Invites Self Knowledge & Manifests True Self

      Laguz L Water, Lake

      Invites Hope; Symbol of the Sustenance of Life

      Inguz NG or ing Fertility, True Love

      Invites True Love, Friendship & Lasting Partnerships

      Othila O Property, Homeland, Inheritance

      Strengthens Family & Partnerships

      Dagaz D Day, Good Luck Good Luck Charm; Invites Spiritual Growth Fire / Air

      Blank Rune
      Odin's Rune   Unlimited Potential Unlimited Potential  


      Common Norse Word Translations 

      ENGLISH NORSE (Icelandic)   ENGLISH NORSE (Icelandic)
      And OG   Life LIF
      Are ERU   Love AST
      As EINS   Loyalty TRYGD
      At HJA   Luck HEPNI
      Battle ORUSTA   Magic TOFRAR
      Be VERA   Motive HVOT
      Believe TRUA   My MIN
      Boldness DIRFSKA   Mysteries DULARFULUR
      By HJA   Night NOT
      Calm LOGN   Of AF
      Calmness ROLYNDI   Our OKAR
      Courage HUGREKI   Peace FRIDR
      Day DAGUR   People THJOD
      Determination EINBEITNI   Power KRAFTUR
      Essence EDLI   Pride STOLT
      Eternal EILIFUR   Prophecy SPA
      Eternity EILIFD   Prosperity VELGENGNI
      Faith TRU   Protection VERNDUN
      Family AETINGJAR   Respect VIRDA
      Feast HATID   Riches AUDAEFI
      Fire BRUNI   Soul SAL
      Focus FOKUS   Spirit ANDI
      For HANDA   Strength AFL
      Forever EILIFT   Success VELGENGI
      Fortune AUDUR   Through I GEGN
      Freedom FRELSI   To TIL
      Friend(s) VINUR   Together SAMAN
      Friendship VINATA   Tranquility RO
      God GUD   True SANUR
      Happiness HAMINGJA   Trust TRAUST
      Health HEILSA   Valor HUGPRYDI
      Heritage ARFLEIFD   Victory SIGUR
      Honor VIRDING   War STRID
      Hope VON   Wealth AUDUR
      I EG   Well-being VELIDAN
      Ice IS   Who SEM
      In I   Wisdom VISKA
      Is ER   With MED
      It THAD   You THU
      Joy GLEDI   Yourself THIG


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