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The Palantir™ Locket

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$99.00 - $124.00

Inspired by the fantasy classic, The Lord of the Rings™ by JRR Tolkien, the Badali Jewelry artists have designed and created The Palantir™ Locket.  The Palantir pendant is carefully handcrafted one at a time in your choice of white bronze, dark bronze, yellow bronze or antiqued bronze.  Each locket is carefully hand finished and inspected for the highest quality by our staff.  The Palantir Locket is officially licensed jewelry design with Middle-earth Enterprises as The Lord of the Rings jewelry.

The locket holds the Palantir, one of the Seeing-stones of Middle-earth™.  Palantiri™ were used by the Dúnedain™ to gather information and to communicate over long distances.  Over time, most of the Palantiri were lost, but the Orthanc-stone™ was found and used by Saruman™ while he resided in the Tower of Orthanc™.  Eventually he made contact with the Ithil-stone™, the Palantir controlled by Sauron™.  Thus began Saruman's descent into the Dark Lord's sway.  The Palantir locket holds the Orthanc-stone, a 20 mm (just over 3/4") transparent black glass sphere.  The locket is hinged so that it can open and close and the Seeing-stone can be removed.

The Badali Jewelry artists were inspired by the Tower of Orthanc when designing the locket.  Orthanc was made of hard, gleaming black stone and was composed of four, many-sided columns of rock joined together.  The columns rose to a height of 500 feet and then forked into four sharp pinnacles.  A platform was built between the pinnacles, the very platform where Gandalf® was held captive while Saruman's prisoner during the War of The Ring™.  The platform was covered by small roof of polished stone carved with astronomical signs.  The Palantir Locket features those symbols representing stars, planets or important constellations of Middle-earth.

Middle-earth Sun Symbol, Anor, found on the Tower of Orthanc

Anor (Sun)

Middle-earth Valacirca Constellation Symbol, our Big Dipper, found on the Tower of Orthanc

(Big Dipper)

Middle-earth Constellation Symbol for Remmirath, our Pleiades, found on the Tower of Orthanc


Middle-earth Moon Symbol, Ithil, found on the Tower of Orthanc Ithil (Moon) Middle-earth Venus Symbol, Earendil, found on the Tower of Orthanc


Middle-earth Symbol for the star Hellion, our Sirius, found on the Tower of Orthanc

(The Star Sirius)

Middle-earth Constellation Symbol for Soronume, our Aquila the Eagle, found on the Tower of Orthanc

(Aquila the Eagle)

Middle-earth Earth Symbol, Ambar, found on the Tower of Orthanc


Middle-earth Durrin's Crown Constellation Symbol, our Corona Borealis, found on the Tower of Orthanc

Durrin's Crown
(Corona Borealis)

Middle-earth Menelvagor Constellation Symbol, our Orion, found on the Tower of Orthanc


Middle-earth Wilwarin Constellation Symbol, our Cassiopeia, found on the Tower of Orthanc


Middle-earth Jupiter Symbol, Alcarinque, found on the Tower of Orthanc


Middle-earth Astrological Symbol for the star Borgil, our Aldebaran, found on the Tower of Orthanc

(The Star Aldebaran)

Middle-earth Symbol for the star Morwinyon, our Arcturus, found on the Tower of Orthanc

(The Star Arcturus)

Middle-earth Mars Symbol, Carnil, found on the Tower of Orthanc


The Palantir locket measures approximately 49.5 mm (just over 1 15/16") long including bail, 25.9 mm (1") at the widest point and 30.1 mm (1 3/16") thick including hinge and clasp.  The Orthanc-stone pendant weighs approximately 24.4 grams.  The inside of the locket is stamped with our makers mark and copyright symbol.

Choose from a 24" long stainless steel rope chain or a 24" long black leather cord.  A 20" long 1.2mm silver box chain is available for an additional $25.00 US.

We are a cast-to-order company and cast every Tuesday and Thursday.  Please allow 5 to 7 days from the next casting date for production of this item.  Orders placed before 3pm MST Monday or Wednesday will be included in the following day's cast.  Feel free to contact us for the anticipated production time for your The Lord of the Ring Jewelry.

This item comes packaged in a satin jewelry pouch with a Card of Authenticity.

Officially licensed The Hobbit Jewelry with Middle-Earth Enterprises"Palantiri", "Palantir", "Dúnedain", "Middle-earth", "Orthanc", "Saruman", "Sauron", "The Hobbit", "The Lord of the Rings", and the items and characters and places therein, are trademarks of the Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Middle-earth Enterprises under license to Badali Jewelry.  All Rights Reserved.

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