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Aromantic PRIDE Flag Earrings

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Aromantic Pride Flag: Similar to asexuality, aromantic people generally do not experience romantic attraction. Created around 2010, the aromantic flag has five stripes. The dark green and light green are for aromantic spectrum identities, the white stripe is for friendship, and the gray and black stripes for the spectrum of sexual identities in the aromantic community.  

5% of all pride jewelry sales will be donated to a local LGBTQ+ charity.

The charms are hand enameled in the colors of Aromantic Pride.

Details: The Aromantic Pride Earrings are sterling silver and are a dangle style. The flag charms measures 28 mm long, 15.6 mm wide, and 1.3 mm thick and weighs 4.3 grams each. The backs of the charms are textured and stamped with our makers mark, copyright, and the metal content. Includes sterling silver ear wires.

Metal Options: 14k Yellow Gold or 14k White Gold, please contact us for details.

PackagingThis item comes packaged in a jewelry box.

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