Gold Pewter Allomancer Earrings - Badali Jewelry - Earrings
Gold Pewter Allomancer Earrings - Badali Jewelry - Earrings

Gold Pewter Allomancer Earrings

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The Steel Alphabet earrings are officially licensed Mistborn jewelry with Brandon Sanderson. A Misting who can burn pewter is known as a Thug or a Pewterarm. Pewter increases the physical abilities of Mistborn and Thugs. Pewter allows an Allomancer™ to perform physical activities longer and greatly increases strength. The increased strength allows an Allomancer to continue fighting after receiving wounds that would incapacitate a normal person.

Details: The Pewter dangle style earrings include 14k yellow or white gold ear wires. Each Pewter symbol measures 11.7 mm long, 8.8 mm wide, and 1.3 mm thick. The Mistborn earrings weigh approximately 2.2 grams. The backs of the charms are stamped with our makers mark, copyright, and metal content.

Metals: 14k Yellow Gold or 14k White Gold (additional $30). 14k palladium white gold (nickel free) is available as a custom option, please contact us for details.

Also available in sterling silver - click here to view.

PackagingThis item comes packaged in a jewelry box with a card of authenticity.

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Mistborn®, The Stormlight Archive®, Bridge Four®, and Brandon Sanderson® are registered trademarks of Dragonsteel, LLC. "Steel Alphabet" designs based on original character designs by Isaac Stewart.