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Impact Ward Stamp

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The origins of the magical Ward symbols have been lost to history, but their power was rediscovered after the demon corelings returned to plague the surface of the world. The Ward symbols themselves have no power, but when they are infused with core magic siphoned from a demon, the ward will repurpose that magic to repel the creature. Most Ward symbols are defensive in nature, but a handful can achieve other magical effects including offensive Wards which can actually harm Demons.  Inspired from the pages of The Demon Cycle by Peter V. Brett.

The Impact Ward, also called a Bludgeoning Ward, is an offensive symbol used to transform coreling magic into a concussive force that can be used against a demon. The impact ward weakens a demon's armor at the point of contact, siphons magic from the demon, and redirects the energy into a bludgeoning force. The stronger the original blow, the more power is generated.

Details: The Impact Ward stamp is solid yellow bronze. The stamp measures 18.4 mm long, 27mm wide, and 21 mm wide from the handle to the face of the stamp. The Bludgeoning Ward stamp weighs approximately 6.7 grams. 

Note: This listing is only for the stamp and does not come with any wax or ink pads.

PackagingThis item comes in a jewelry pouch with a card of authenticity.

ProductionWe are a made-to-order company. Your order will ship in 5 to 10 business days if the item is not in stock.

 “The Demon Cycle” and the characters, object and places therein, are copyrighted trademarks of Peter V. Brett under license to Badali Jewelry.  Ward artwork designed by Lauren K. Cannon.  Copyright © by Peter V. Brett.  All Rights Reserved.

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